Call for Papers

43nd Study Session of the ADMEE-Canada

  • Oral presentations
  • Posters (more information to come)
  • Symposiums
Renewal has always been, first and foremost, a return to the sources.” (Gary, 1967)

In spite of the apparent differences between the diverse perspectives and practices involved in assessment and measurement, the people who come together at ADMEE share a lot of interests and preoccupations. They certainly share more than they differ. Whether they are interested in classroom assessment, language assessment or medical pedagogy, whether they rely more on qualitative or quantitative methods, they all share certain epistemological questionings, an assessment procedure whose steps are similar regardless of the context or the instruments that are used, and a constant desire to produce socially and scientifically relevant research. Over the last years, the study sessions of ADMEE-CANADA have hosted a wealth of presentations on an impressive variety of topics and contexts that went well beyond the chosen themes and special topics of interest. In the end, the common source of all these presentations rests on basic questions we all face: “Why do we want to assess or measure?”, “What information will we collect to reach our goals?”, “What decisions will we make with that information?” This explains why, more than forty years after its foundation, ADMEE-Canada has succeeded in adapting and renewing its views in order to stay relevant.

After two years of pandemic, we would like to celebrate a return to the sources by emphasizing the wealth of interests and practices of the people who come to our study sessions, whatever their fields, domains or the instruments they use to assess or measure. We therefore invite everyone who is interested in assessment or measurement to send us a proposal for an oral presentation, a poster or a symposium. The deadline to send a proposal is April the 30th and presentations will be in French or English.

The Université de Montréal Committee,

Christophe Chénier
Sébastien Béland
Nathalie Loye